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Your autumn garden

Many people ask me lots of questions about gardening as I go about my daily work, I thought it might be a good idea to provide you some gardening tips that you can read in the comfort of indoors with a cuppa in your hand. So I shall write regularly with seasonal tips and ideas. […]

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Designing the patio right for you

Patios can extend the indoor space of the home; they are a threshold between inside and outside. They are a very important space in any garden so it’s important that clients consider how their patio design helps maximize the potential of the space outside. Your garden does add to the value of your home, so […]

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Does your garden make a difference to the price of your property?

Can your garden actually make a difference to the price of your property? The answer is yes but don’t take my word for it, after all I am a landscaper…take a look at some articles. This telegraph articles says : “From al fresco kitchens to stylish sheds, we’re keener than ever on gardens. And rightly […]

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Tips for your Garden!

Here is a video with some garden tips!

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Why patio design is important

  A good garden and patio design should follow the wishes and needs of the homeowners. The authentic natural look is very popular and is often the target of many designers. The garden is a cozy place of calm and relax with a micro climate that affects particularly well the human health. As an example […]

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