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Designing the patio right for you

Patios can extend the indoor space of the home; they are a threshold between inside and outside. They are a very important space in any garden so it’s important that clients consider how their patio design helps maximize the potential of the space outside. Your garden does add to the value of your home, so it’s worth getting it right. I support clients to design their garden within the budget they have.

When I plan garden designs for my clients I help them to explore the look and feel they want for their garden. I help to confirm that they have considered all the functions they want from the area. The design encompasses elements like drainage and any new services needed such as electrical supplies etc.

I will find out form clients what they want to use their patio for dinning out and entertaining, or lounging about in the sunshine etc. What furniture or items do they already have that need to fit into the design, or what do they plan to add, tables, chairs, loungers, bbq, outdoor cooker, fire pit or fireplaces or heater or they may just want to enjoy an open clear space. Does it need to be flexible; does it need to combine space for the children, water play/sandpits, toddler toys, or space for pets? Do they want integral planting within it or individual planters to enable movement and change throughout the seasons? Do they want their patio covered, open or perhaps with a pagoda, with or without climbing plants. We will consider any lighting requirements, for safety, effect and functionality.

Supporting clients to plan their design is a really enjoyable part of my job; I then get the opportunity to ensure the finished work is just want the client wanted.



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